Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rex Ryan Tells Players He Will Be Fired

Rex Ryan's career with the New York Jets is indeed coming to an end, and the coach was not afraid to tell his players that before they took the field with the Browns today.

According to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, Ryan told his players in a team meeting on Saturday night that the "word on the street" is that he will be fired after the conclusion of the Jets season next Sunday in Miami.

It's important to know that even Ryan doesn't seem to know his fate or what Jets owner Woody Johnson is thinking. The "word on the street" all season has been that Ryan needed to win this season to keep his job, but no one seems to have a clear idea of how Johnson is leaning. Even Glazer notes that Ryan has viewed himself as a "sacrificial lamb" all season.
"Whether or not that decision is made, we don't know," Glazer said, (

If it is true that Ryan told his players this, then he is a complete fool. Why would any coach tell his team that he will be fired on the eve of a football game and expect them to go out there and play their hearts out the next day? If he did this, than Ryan deserves to be fired just for this.

This sounds like another Saturday night special by Ryan, who earlier in the year decided to skip the teams mandatory meeting for a night at Dave & Busters before the Jets took on the Bills. Result: the Jets got spanked by Buffalo 37-14.

If the Jets finish this season 6-10 or 7-9, you can rest assure that Ryan will be gone. With this latest news, he is basically attaching the Jets lone Super Bowl trophy to the rear bumper of his car and driving around the facility.

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