Thursday, January 16, 2014

Giants Tap Former Packer QB Coach McAdoo as O.C.

In the words of Giants owner and CEO John Mara the Giants offense was "broken" in 2013. The blame for New York's sputtering offense fell at the feet of Kevin Gillbride who was forced to retire at the end of the season, sending the Giants into a search for a more competent offensive coordinator. 

They may have found one in former Packers quarterback coach Ben McAdoo. 

McAdoo, a virtual unknown until he interviewed for the head coaching job for the Cleveland Browns a couple weeks back, is both youthful and a new voice for a unit that badly needs a new voice. At 36, he has already spent the past eight years in the Packers organization, six of those years as a tight end coach, and two as quarterback coach. 

While offensive coordinators and quarterback's coaches get too much of the blame when things go wrong, and too much of the credit when things go right, many credit McAdoo with doing a suburb job of juggling different three quarterbacks while Aaron Rodgers was out with a collar bone injury. 

“(McAdoo) is a detailed, very, very meticulous coach who has been greatly influenced by Mike McCarthy. He has a great relationship with him. The thing I was impressed by is, he’s been in San Francisco, he’s been in Green Bay, now he has an opportunity to come to the New York Giants. He thinks these clubs represent the NFL. He feels privileged to be here. He’s looking forward in a very humble way to becoming a New York Giant," said Tom Coughlin ( 

The move also means that the Giants will not hire Mike Sullivan, who many thought was the favorite to get the job. However, Sullivan was a Gillbride desciple, having served as the Giants quarterback coach for a number of years before bolting for Tampa Bay two years ago. Deciding not to hire Sullivan might be a good thing. 

Keep in mind that McAdoo signed only a two year contract. Interesting, considering that Tom Coughlin only has a year left on his deal. Perhaps the entire coaching staff is on notice to get the job done in 2014 or else. 

Or, if McAdoo can reinvigorate Eli Manning and this offense, maybe he will be a candidate to succeed Coughlin when he does step aside. 

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