Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bucs Release Revis, Now Jets Must Move In

Darrelle Revis is now a free agent. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released the All Pro cornerback after they failed to trade him to either Cleveland or Oakland on Tuesday afternoon.

By cutting him the Bucs save $1.5 million that were due Revis this month in a signing bonus. In addition the Bucs do not have to pay Revis $16 million per year for the remainder of his contract, and they do not owe the Jets a third round pick this year.

With Revis now free, the Jets are now in a battle for Revis' rights with the Philadelphia Eagles, reportedly the Atlanta Falcons, and of course, the New England Patriots. But for all intents and purposes, this is really a two team race; Patriots vs. Jets.

Both teams desperately need a corner, and with the amount of hatred between both teams, Revis would only become the latest in a long line of subplots in the rivalry.

The Jets traded Revis last year, because they didn't want to pay him $16 million, when they were still paying both Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez big money. Plus, Woody Johnson grew tired of Revis holding out in New York and asking for more money. But perhaps the reason Johnson traded Revis last year was to avoid the potential of a Jets-Patriots off-season battle for Revis.

Why? Because Revis was supposed to be a free agent this year, when the Jets were trying to negotiate with him. They couldn't agree, and New York felt compelled to trade him to avoid this very moment.

Word around the league is that Revis wants the Jets. Rex Ryan wants Revis, but Johnson doesn't want Revis. If Johnson is smart, he will put his ego aside, and realize that mistakes were made by both parties, and bring Revis back to New York.

Revis would change the complexion of the Jets entire off-season. He would breath life back into the franchise, and the Jets front office would look like concurring heros that they brought the best corner in franchise history back home.

Make it happen Woody, don't waste any time.

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