Friday, March 21, 2014

Jets Finally Cut Mark Sanchez, Sign Michael Vick

The long suffering Jets fan can now celebrate, Mark Sanchez is history!

The Jets released the butt-fumbling signal caller late Friday afternoon, saving $8.3 million in cap space and getting rid of one of the biggest quarterback failures in the history of the franchise.

Five years ago Sanchez came to town, an inexperienced college quarterback, who was once warned by his old coach Pete Carroll that he wasn't ready for the big show. Turns out, Carroll was right on. Oh by the way, Super Bowl ring count: Pete Carroll 1, Mark Sanchez 0.

Sanchez rode a magic carpet ride of entitlement to the starters job throughout his Jets career. Inspite of playing poorly, turing the football over at a record rate in 2011 and 2012, Sanchez never faced a challenge for his job.

His defenders credited him with "leading" the Jets to back-to-back AFC championship games his first two years in New York, but a closer look, and for those who actually paid attention to the Jets in 2009 and '10 will remember and realize that it was actually the Jets strong defense and running game, not Sanchez that was responsible for New York's run.

The Jets had to put big time players around Sanchez to mask the fact this was a quarterback in over his head at the NFL level. Even with the likes of Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, and later Plaxico Burress, Sanchez still found a way to make himself into a walking comedy of errors.

When the Jets asked Sanchez to be the man and take the lead for the Jets, he fell flat on his face.

In his final two years as a starter, he turned the football over a combined 52 times, which lead the league.

He had a horrific 2011 season, turning the football over 30 times while becoming the center of Santonio Holmes' rage in the final week of the season in Miami, a game the Jets lost thanks to a couple of Sanchez interceptions.

The lone highlight of his infamous career will forever be the butt-fumble against the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving in 2012. It was the nadir of Sanchez's ineptitude in green and white, and the beginning of the end of his run in New York.

The Jets did everything they could to try to dump him after GM Mike Tannenbaum foolishly awarded Sanchez a five year extension with guaranteed money. When Tannenbaum realized he made a mistake, he brought in Tim Tebow, creating a firestorm of controversy.

Rex Ryan, who, for whatever harbored an animus towards Tebow, never inserted him into a game, leaving the Jets to go down in flames with Sanchez at the helm. Before it was it too late, Ryan finally took pity on 80,000 booing and PO'd Jets fans during a horrific game against the Arizona Cardinals when he pulled Sanchez for Greg McElory. The Jets, who trailed 6-0 with Sanchez, won the game 7-6 with McElroy that nutty afternoon.

From that point forward the Jets never trusted Sanchez again. He cost Tannenbaum his job, and almost cost Ryan his at the end of 2012.

This sad, and even strangely humorous episode in Jets history has played out with Sanchez injuring himself in a pre-season game, when his lone defender, Ryan, inserted him into a game against the Giants as a macho chess move against GM John Idzik. Sanchez was lost for the year, and never ever started for the Jets again.

Where will he go? Honestly, who cares. This is not a NFL quarterback. Not for a guy who has more time for GQ magazine spreads, or even dumb YouTube videos rather than studying to be a good NFL quarterback. Perhaps Sanchez never loved football as much as he loved the lamelight. Now he is destined for a career as a back-up, if any NFL team is willing to give him a job.

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