Monday, March 10, 2014

Jets Release Troubled Receiver Santonio Holmes

Jets fans celebrate. One of the major distractions and albatross' of the past few years is now off the roster. No not Mark Sanchez, not yet anyway. But, rather Santonio Homes.

The Jets bid adieu to Holmes and their four year roller-coaster ride of a relationship with the troubled receiver. What started out as a promising when the Jets acquired him from the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 soon became a nightmare.

Whether it was throwing temper tantrums on the field and sideline during Week 17 of the 2011 season, blasting his quarterback in the media, and fighting both teammates and coaches in the public eye and in the locker room, Holmes quickly wore out his welcome in New York.

In addition he missed 33 games in his Jets career that were either due to injury or suspension. This past season, he barely played because of injury, and when he did it was a lackluster effort at that.

By cutting the troubled wide out, the Jets save $8.25 million in salary cap space. Look for the Jets to spend some money on inking a wide receiver or two. There are plenty of recievers in free agency, including Golden Tate, Eric Decker, Nate Burleson, and Hakeem Nicks to name a few.

The Jets desperately need wide receiver help after having one of the most anemic passing attacks the past two seasons. Part of the blame of course goes to the quarterback, but without some legit receivers on this team, it made a bad situation even worse.

Don't be shocked if the Jets come out of free agency with two receivers signed to contracts. New York has over $40 million to spend, and will have even more after they release the Buttfumbler himself, Mark Sanchez.

As for Holmes, someone will give him another shot, but this will likely be his last shot to make it in the NFL.

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