Saturday, March 8, 2014

Knicks Latest Pursuit of Phil Jackson is Laughable

The Knicks are once again going down Phil Jackson Road.

The most popular rumor for well over a decade, the Knicks are once again trying to do everything they can to lure the former Bulls and Lakers coach to New York to fix this woebegone franchise.

And as usual, when Jackson is ready to give them his final word, don't expect the Legend of Basketball Zen to come to Manhattan anytime soon, unless he is taking a vacation.

Already current Knicks GM Steve Mills spoke with Jackson about taking over for Mike Woodson as head coach, and Jackson quickly declined. The latest now, owner James Dolan is trying to convince Jackson to take a front office job with the organization -- likely Mills' job -- where he will have power to run the franchise. See ya Steve Mills.

If Jackson takes the job he would obviously bring instant credibility back to the franchise, and yes, take the headlines away from the surging Brooklyn Nets. For Dolan it would also shut up all of his critics who consider him one of the worst owners in all of sports.

That being said, Jackson has made a career of going to teams that fit not only his personality, but also were ready to win immediately, something the Knicks (as usual) lack.

Jackson would have to accept the fact that Dolan is a hands-on owner, who likes to get his hands dirty in basketball business. Not to mention, Jackson would also have to deal with Dolan's invisible friend Isaiah Thomas, who seems to always influence Dolan, even to this day.  He doesn't mess with the Rangers, since Glenn Sather has done a nice job running that franchise into the turf for well over a decade.

Dolan is responsible for the exit of Donnie Walsh, a famed executive, who did everything he could to get the Knicks out of salary cap hell a few years ago. Walsh left because Dolan had to interfere in the Carmelo Anthony negotiations.

And speaking of Anthony. He can opt out of his contract July 1, and go free agent. Jackson has in the past called the Knicks roster clumsy and cited both Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire as culprits to the Knicks mediocrity. Would Jackson be comfortable with Anthony still on the Knicks? And, at the same time, would a Anthony-less Knicks team be of any interest to Jackson?

There are so many question that would have to be answered if Jackson does indeed agree to come to New York to run the Knicks. If he does, it would be the hardest job he has ever undertaken. At 68-years old, it would be fascinating how long he would even want to stay in New York and put up with Dolan's nonsense. That is why I find extremely hard, and unlikely that Jackson would even take the Knicks job. I am sure he has, and will be speaking to people who have worked with Dolan in the recent past.

And here is another reason to believe that Jackson, ultimately will not take the Knicks job. According to ESPN, a source close to Jackson said he would be open to coaching, as long as that team can guarantee him a strong powerful say in personnel, a la Pat Riley style in Miami. Jackson has already told the Knicks he doesn't want to coach them.

Guess, New York is out of the running ... again.

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