Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jets have games against Bears and Lions Leaked, GB-SEA Open Season

CBS Sports is doing a bang up job breaking all the leaks on the 2014 NFL schedule. After the Giants schedule was leaked by Mike Francesa on WFAN, the floodgates were opened to other tidbits on the NFL slate.

The Detroit Lions entire schedule was released and in it, it was revealed that Detroit will travel to New York to play the Jets in week 4, the game will be on FOX. The Jets will also host the Chicago Bears in week 3 on Monday Night Football. The rest of the Jets schedule is under wraps.

Interestingly it had been assumed for a while that the Lions would host their Thanksgiving day clash against either the Bills or Dolphins, well, it turns out they will instead face the Bears on Fox. That might mean that Dallas will be getting a prime time game on Thanksgiving. We'll know soon.

Lost in all this mayhem, the Green Bay Packers and world champion Seattle Seahawks will open the entire regular season against one another on Thursday September 5 on NBC.

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