Monday, October 27, 2014

Geno Smith and Rex Ryan's Jet Careers in Flames After Buffalo Stampede


Geno Smith should never throw another pass for the New York Jets ever again. Correction, he should never suit up for the Jets ever again. And Rex Ryan should never be allowed to coach the Jets again either.

The Jets not only imploded on Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands, they went up in flames in a mushroom cloud that should have only one consequence: Woody Johnson forgets his edict that he won't fire anyone in-season, and go Donald Trump on Rex Ryan and company and fire them. This brand of foolery is over, it is time to get answers to long held questions.

 One thing is certain, there is no doubt now about Geno Smith, at least to those who still wanted to believe he had something good in him. Geno Smith has nothing good in him. He stinks. He's a bust draft day quarterback like Mark Sanchez was before him, and will join the long line of draft day bust quarterbacks in NFL history.

Geno Smith etched his name in the infamy stone when he came and played as bad as any quarterback could think of playing. He was 2-of-8 for five yards. The Jets got him a big target in Percy Harvin, and he couldn't even hit him if the man was standing two feet in front of him. Instead Smith threw three interceptions in one quarter and his day was officially over; his Jets career probably over with it.

The Jets were lucky that the Bills didn't score 28 points in this quarter. Buffalo is not a great team, they couldn't even score after two of those first quarter picks, but they did score a TD when Smith's third interception was brought back to the one-yard line setting up a easy score to make it 14-0, Buffalo.

When asked about Smith's performance and whether he start next week in Kansas City, coach Rex Ryan said "I have no idea, we'll look at that later." That is a huge 180 by Ryan, who consistently supported Smith through some pretty atrocious football. But there is no defending that effort, not when the team is 1-7, and the head coach is about to get fired.

Rex deserves a lot of blame here. He let John Idzik use him in playing a quarterback who was not any good, and during the broadcast we found out that Mike Vick didn't get many snaps during the week. So for Ryan to expect Vick to be ready to rock and roll isn't even fair.

On Monday morning Woody Johnson must make the decision now. He needs to fire Rex Ryan now. It goes beyond just his mishandling of Geno Smith. It's the culmination of six flabbergasting and pompous years of nothing. Promises of glory that resulted in nothing but butt fumbles, Geno Smith shrugs and Tebow time.

Ryan has been unable to develop a quarterback -- he had two chances and failed both times. He rarely took interest in the offense leaving it in the hands of three offensive coordinators during his tenure. And his defense, while not totally his fault because of the lack of talent, has gotten worse over the years.

Ryan should have been fired last year, but wasn't because Johnson bought into the Jets mirage of an 8-8 campaign. Heck, Ryan should have been tossed to the side in 2012 when Mike Tannenbaum was let go. He has survived some brutal seasons, but he cannot and should not survive this.

There is no excuse to lose in this fashion. The Jets had extra days to prepare. They were coming off a solid performance in New England. The Bills were ripe for the picking with injuries; instead the Jets looked unprepared -- and that goes for everyone on the field.

And when Woody Johnson makes that decision to ax the coach, he should send John Idzik packing too. Idzik has done nothing to deserve a reprieve and return for 2015. He drafted Geno Smith, nuff said. He drafted Dee Milliner who can never stay healthy. He drafted Jalen Saunders as the savior at wide receiver and he was cut this year.

Idzik then didn't spend much money in the off-season, leaving over $20 million on the books, and telling the Jets best corners Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie to fly a kite. Now it's time for Johnson to give Idzik the boot. He's proven he can't be trusted in making personnel decisions. 

The show is over. The Rex Ryan Jets jumped the shark a long time ago -- for my money during the butt-fumble game two Thanksgiving's ago, but now it is official.

Woody Johnson needs to make the move. He should stand in front of the media, and the fans and apologize for giving second life to the Rex Ryan regime, and apologize for bringing in Idzik, and tell his fleeting fan base that he will not stand for embarrassing football. He needs to fire his head coach, clean out the front office and get rid of Geno Smith once and for all. 

Will he do this Monday? Rhetorical question. 

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