Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jets Acquire Percy Harvin from Seahawks in Stunning Move

It might be too little too late, but the Jets felt inclined to pull off one of the most shocking deals in the NFL in a couple of seasons when they acquired Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks for a conditional pick, that as it turns out, is a fourth rounder in 2015 that could become a second round pick depending on performance.

So in essence the Jets gave up little for a guy who, according to multiple reports, has an anger management problem. (More on that in a moment).

Talentwise the Jets get a player who has a tremendous amount of speed, is an excellent slot receiver, and a return specialist who can make big plays on special teams. There is no questioning his talent, which was also on display in the Super Bowl when he returned a punt for a touchdown.

However, Harvin is statistically having one of his worst seasons of his career. Only 133 yards on 22 catches, and has only played in 38 snaps in games this season. Harvin went from being a focal point in the Seahawks offense to a guy they couldn't wait to get rid of.

What is most disturbing is the trend of bad behavior Harvin has displayed in many of his stops.

Here is an excerpt:

"(Ian) Rapoport reports that Harvin was not the easiest player to deal with in the locker room, and the Seahawks were in the market to deal him for "several weeks." The off-field issues are not a new story. The Vikings had numerous documented problems with Harvin during his four seasons there, including him badmouthing quarterback Christian Ponder. NFL Media's Albert Breer reports that Harvin's "anger management issues" followed him to Seattle, where according to two sources connected to the Seahawks, the receiver was involved in multiple physical altercations -- namely one with then-teammate Golden Tate before Super Bowl XLVIII," (Rosenthal, Greg

It was these altercations including the Seahawks inability to intergrate Harvin successfully into the offense that led to them wanting to depart from the troubled NFL star.

This is a big and bold move by Seattle. They gave up three draft picks to get him from Minnesota a couple seasons back, and gave him $25.5 million in guaranteed money. The fact that they are willing to admit its a mistake now is a huge red flag.

But don't tell that to the Jets. The Jets essentially get to have Harvin for a free trial, since the remaining four years of his contract aren't guaranteed. However, the Seahawks have clearly taken full advantage of an organization that is desperate to make a splash.

John Idzik has a ton of pressure on him now after failing to address the Jets manifold issues in the off-season and leaving more than $20 million in cap room on the table. Not to mention his two drafts have been a total failure.

Call it Idzik's Hail Mary. He knows that if Harvin becomes a key contributor to the offense it will essentially save his job no matter how badly the Jets finish the season. In a way he's making Rex Ryan even more of a scapegoat. If Harvin plays well and the Jets finish 3-13, Idizk could always tell Woody Johnson, "see it wasn't me, it was Rex's inability to lead."

However let us not forget why the Jets are in this mess to begin with. It is because of Idzik, and Woody Johnson too.

The move echos past moves to get Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. While both receivers played well early on, both became an albatross by the end of their time with Gang Green. Especially Holmes whom the Steelers couldn't wait to dump because of his personality issues -- the Jets found that out in 2011 when Holmes went a-wall on the Jets in the regular season finale.

How will Harvin react from going to a Super Bowl team to a 1-6 disaster? That is the question we are going to find the answer to over the next 10 weeks.

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