Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PHOTOS: New Outfield Fences at Citi Field are Almost Complete

One of the biggest complaints coming from the Mets and its hitters has been the fences at Citi Field. Deemed too deep of a ball park for the Mets to provide any power (even though their opponents have had no problems hitting homers at Citi Field), the Mets have brought the fences in.

On Tuesday the media got a glimpse of what the new dimensions look like. While left field has remained the same, it is the right field porch that has seen the most dramatic of changes. In 2014 the dimensions in right-center were 390 and 375. Now, the dimensions will be 380 and 370. The Mets hope this helps their beleaguered offense. Then again, getting some actual hitters might be a better tonic. 


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