Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jets FINALLY cut ties with Terry Bradway

Score one for Jets General Manger Mike Maccagnan!

The freshly minted New York Jets executive showed more gusto then his predecessors ever did when word came down Friday afternoon that the Jets have fired Director of Player Personnel Terry Bradway, at long last.

Bradway, who had various titles in recent years including director of player personnel and college scouting, was an albatross for 13 years. In fact, he redefined the term survivor, because year-in and year-out he found a way to stay on Woody Johnson's good side no matter what. Starting when he was the general manager of the team back in 2001 and through his 13-year stay, the Jets have been steeped in mistakes and disasters coming out of both free agency and the draft under his watch -- yet through it all he never paid the price.  Until now.

Dwayne Robertson? Total disaster. A first round pick at defensive tackle that flamed out quicker than a candle when Bradway was the GM.

Justin Miller? Forgetable.

Mike Nugent? A total waste of a first round pick. Who picks a kicker in the first round? Bradway did.

Vernon Gholston? The definition of lazy.  An Ohio State product who didn't care about football, period.

Mark Sanchez? Along with Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum, it was Bradway and his group that scouted him.

Geno Smtih? Another quarterback bust.

Dee Milliner? Approaching Justin Miller status.

Stephen Hill? A second round bust at wide receiver.

Those are just a few of the many busts to come the Jets way over the past 13 years. 

The only picks that emanated out of the personnel department that actually worked, were Darrelle Revis (now with the Patriots), and Nick Mangold and David Harris. Sure, Bradway wasn't the general manager when all these players were drafted, but he was in the personnel department and scouted them all. He has shouldered a lot of blame in the eyes of the fan base, and it was deserved.

Bradway's stay with the Jets hit a point of pure silliness a long time ago. He out Isiah Thomas'd Isiah Thomas for his ability to keep his job despite a poor track record.  There was no reason for the Jets to keep this guy for this long, but Johnson always had a strong admiration for him. Either that or Bradway was really good at convincing Johnson, Tannenbaum and John Idzik, that he had everything in personnel under control.

Leaving with Bradway will be Jeff Bauer, who was in charge of the college scouting under Bradway.

With Bradway and Bauer out of the picture, Maccagnan can now focus on bringing in his people to get this franchise moving in the right direction. Rumors are he will tap former Jaguars GM Gene Smith to be his assistant GM. Look for Maccagnan to revamp the entire scouting staff as the Jets prepare for the combine and Senior Bowl. 

Score one for Maccagnan! Only four days into his new job he is already changing the culture for the Jets, and doing so all for the good.

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