Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Fools Day, Gomez to Mets deal Blows Up

Only the Mets can turn a trade into a total back-page farce.

Last night word got out that the Mets and Milwaukee Brewers had a trade in place that would have sent Wilmur Flores and Zach Wheeler to the Brew Crew for outfielder Carlos Gomez. The Mets had been rumored for a while in this trade market to be in search of a "big bat" and they believed that Gomez was their guy.

Gomez was told by his teammates that the deal was done. Flores found out and started crying on the field -- then the rug was pulled out from underneath everyone thanks in part to the Mets unwillingness to let the deal go through.

Initially there was a belief that the Brewers had concerns about Wheeler who is coming off Tommy Johns Surgery and is out for the entire 2015 season. Wheelers isn't even expected back until mid-season of next year. However reports have contradicted that notion, and the Brewers had no concerns with Wheeler whatsoever.

The Mets themselves are the ones who pulled the plug on the deal and in embarrassing fashion too. The Mets got out of the deal because they had concerns about Gomez's hip. However both Gomez's agent Scott Boras, and Brewers General Manager Doug melvin reiterated that Gomez is healthy and had no hip injury. The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentential later reported that the Mets backed out because of finances --- what else is new regarding the Mets.

The Sentential said "The Mets wanted the Brewers to take centerfielder Juan Lagares in the trade. The Brewers said no, in part because Lagares has an elbow issue but also because he has a four-year, $23 million contract extension that kicks in next year and they didn't want to pick up the money.

"So, after further talks, it was decided that the Brewers would take Flores in addition to Wheeler, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery and won't be able to pitch before next June. The source said the Mets then asked the Brewers to throw in the 2016 Competitive Balance Round B pick they were recently awarded and the Brewers said no.

"The source said the Brewers then were asked to put some money in the trade to cover part of what's remaining on Gomez's contract, including a $9 million salary next year. Considering the talent level of Gomez and his reasonable contract, the Brewers understandably declined to put any cash into the deal." (MWJS 7/29/15)

So the Mets were basically trying to get rid of Lagares -- a horrific signing the Mets made before the season, when they agreed to shell out $23 million to a guy who hadn't proved he could be an everyday center fielder to be just that, buying into the ridiculous hype machine they created around the kid.

So the Mets low-balled and asked for money in return and the Brewers said no. Good for them.

What makes matters worse is the fact the Mets embarassed Flores. The kid was on the field when he found out from fans and teammates that something had gone down, and the poor guy started crying on the field. Even manager Terry Collins didn't even know what was going on, and admitted that it was the most bizarre thing he ever saw in a ball park.

"Someone came to me: 'Wilmer's crying,'" Collins said. "There was nothing I knew about. Why would I take him out of the game?"

Alderson reportedly apologized to Flores, but the damage is done. This kid is going to be lost mentally. Howe is Flores expected to play for this franchise now after they botched a deal to get him out of town? Flores trade value is now dwindled and anyone wanting to deal with the Mets now, might be hesitant after this PR disaster. Not to mention why would the Mets even think that Carlos Gomez was an upgrade to begin with?

Gomez was a Met several years ago, and was dealt to Minnesota in the Johan Santana deal. Hhe's had a mediocre career ever since with only a couple big years in Milwaukee the past two years. This year Gomez has come crashing back to earth with a .262 batting average, eight home runs and 43 RBI. He's not the "Big Bat" that would make a difference for the Mets slim playoff chances to begin with.

Also, if you are the Brewers, why would you take on the contract of a pitcher who isn't going to pitch until mid-season of next year? Talk about ridiculous. The fact the Brewers were willing to take Wheeler off an injury is silly to being with.

This is a total PR farce for the Mets. They have succeeded in making a mockery of the trade deadline all because they and the Brewers allowed word to get out before anything was complete. Blame social media all you want, I blame the teams themselves.

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