Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Eagles Fire Chip Kelly

The Philadelphia Eagles are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. The Eagles have fired head coach Chip Kelly. He will not coach in the Eagles final regular season finale against the New York Giants this weekend at MetLife Stadium; instead former Browns Head Coach, Pat Shurmur will be the interim head coach for one game. 

There is no word if Shurmur has a future with the team as a head coaching candidate, but you never know. 

Kelly's firing was stunning from the standpoint that it happened a week before the regular season ended. Many expected Kelly would finish the season, and the Eagles and Kelly would find either a way to part ways, or make plans to have Kelly remain for one more year. 

That being said, it should be surprising that Kelly was fired. He ushered in a era of total unaccountability in Philadelphia, acting more like a pirate than a head coach. He won a front office power play against then GM Howie Roseman last January, taking full control of the team. 

Under Kelly the head coach and GM, the Eagles traded away quarterback Nick Foles to St. Louis for oft-injured Sam Bradford who had a terrible season. They also stuck with former Jets draft day bust Mark Sanchez as their back-up quarterback, even though Sanchez sunk the Eagles season down the stretch in 2014. One can say, Sanchez was front and center of the Eagles mid-season swoon this year around Thanksgiving. And let us not forget Tim Tebow in training camp. 

The Eagles also signed DeMarco Murray to a big contract before the season, and never used the league's former leading rusher properly this year, as his role increasingly diminished week by week. Murray has let it be known he's not happy in Philly. 

Then there are the countless number of former Eagle players from DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy who have been outspoken of their criticism of Kelly for the way he handled their departures from the team. 

There had been rumors that Kelly would be an top candidate for a number of head coaching jobs in college, but those spots were filled up. The Tennessee Titans have also been linked as a possible destination for Kelly, since his old Oregon quarterback, Marcus Mariota is the Titans starter.  

In short, it was time for Kelly to go. Now the Eagles can begin the process of rebuilding a dysfunctional ship. 

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