Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kaepernick to Jets makes absolutely zero sense

It must be February better known in New York as the perfect time to start spreading rumors without any validity whatsoever. And who better to start spreading ridiculous rumors than the New York Daily News and Manish Mehta.

Mehta reported earlier this week, among all the hoopla around Super Bowl 50, that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants out of the Bay area and prefers to play for the New York Jets in 2016.  Why Kaeperrnick would even want the Jets over 30 other teams in the NFL is not stated, although we can guess it has something to do with the glitz and glamor of New York City.

The fact that this is even a rumor is a total joke. From the financial standpoint, acquiring Kaepernick makes next to little sense. He has five years and $114 million remaining on his contract, and is due $11.9 million in base salary on April 1. Trading him would be next to impossible considering the financial obligation a team would have to take on for a guy who has slowly become a bust at the NFL level.

On top of that the 49ers would save more money by just cutting Kaepernick, so why should the Jets or any interested party even rush into a deal.

Secondly, why on this planet would the Jets even want him? He doesn't fit Chan Gailey's system, and the Jets have already stated they have every intention of bringing Ryan Fitzpatrick back for 2016. Continuity at the quarterback position is a premium these days with the Jets, and Fitzpatrick has a chance to give them some stability. Kaepernick is head-case, played disinterested last season, and rumors swirled that he is not well liked by his teammates. Not to mention Kapernick's play at the position has rapidly even surprisingly, declined the past two seasons. Why would the Jets even want to take that gamble? It makes absolutely no sense.

So what we have here is another report created by Mehta that probably has little to no truth to it. In fact the story was even debunked as false by the Star Ledger of New Jersey  who actually contacted somebody close to Kaepernick and found out there is no truth to Mehta's story that he wants to leave the 49ers for the Jets.

It's the silly season folks. New York tabloids are bored to tears by the fact there is no New York football to speak of this winter, the Knicks and Nets both suck, nobody cares about the Rangers, and baseball season is too far away. So in order to sell drive social media into a tizzy we get reports like this.

Hopefully the Jets stay away from Kaepernick -- it would be a the best decision they would make to start this offseason.

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