Saturday, December 24, 2016

Patriots Gift Wrap Coal for Jets Christmas


It was the equivalent of a preseason game for the New England Patriots on Saturday afternoon as they ran over the New York Jets 41-3. The lopsided loss was the third such defeat in four games for Gang Green. Let's recap this mess.

Bryce Petty is brittle: While it isn't totally fair to put any label on Bryce Petty after just four starts, one thing is for sure, he is quiet brittle. When Petty was sandwiched by Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Shu last week, one could understand why Petty had to leave the game. This week's injury was odd. Petty tried to dive at a Patriots defender on a fumble, and slammed his hand against his helmet and left the game. Next thing we know he has a shoulder injury, after admitting he head a pop in his shoulder and was last seen with his left arm in a sling. It doesn't look good for Petty next week in the season finale, and for all we know his chance at being labeled the starter heading into 2017 seems in serious doubt. The Jets want a franchise quarterback, not a quarterback who gets injured.

Tom Brady did whatever he wanted to against the Jets: As has become a common theme for the Jets in recent weeks they had no answer for the opposing team's quarterback. This time Tom Brady did whatever he wanted, throwing for 214 yards and three touchdowns. In a lot of ways both Brady and Bill Belichick took it easy on the Jets. They could have easily scored 50-plus in this game and chose not too.

Todd Bowles came back, it didn't matter: Inspite of a serious illness that left him in the hospital overnight on Friday, Todd Bowles was on the sideline for the Jets, and New York put no effort for him on Game Day. That is a huge indictment of both he players and the head coach. Mo Wilkerson condemned the team for the effort, saying that Bowles made the "sacrifice" to coach while ill, and that the "whole team should be embarrassed."

Todd Bowles has no confidence in his players: Trailing 41-0, and facing a fourth down and seven inside Patriots territory, Bowles decided to not go for the first down, instead kicked the field goal to avoid the shutout. While it is nice Jets didn't get a goose-egg against New England, the play echoed how little Bowles thinks of his players, particularly quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Sheldon Richardson vs. Brandon Marshall: Richardson and Marshall are not exactly exchanging Christmas cards this weekend. Marshall called the game "embarrassing" while talking with reporters. When asked if he felt the same way Richardson said that Marshall "should be embarrassed." When asked to explain why, Richardson replied, "No reason. He knows what he did." Yep, these guys are having a love in right now.

Leonard Williams cryptic postgame comments: Speaking of cryptic postgame comments, Williams said that the team wasn't prepared and was going through the motions, another huge indictment again of the head coach.

What is next: The Hot Seat Bowl at the Meadowlands on New Year's Day. Rex Ryan is about to get fired in Buffalo and Bowles may or may not be safe in New York. One or both coaches could be fired following this game. If Rex goes into the Meadowlands and lays wood to the Jets, don't be shocked if it is enough for Woody Johnson to kick both Bowles and Mike Maccagnan out of town.

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