Monday, January 2, 2017

Jets End Nightmare Season, Bowles Will Return

JETS 30 / BILLS 10

Alright, let's be honest, it's not worth rehashing much from this contest between the Jets and Bills. Neither team wanted to be out there on Sunday and it showed. Just days after the front office fired head coach Rex Ryan, the Bills played like a team that could care less. They allowed the Jets to do as they pleased, and New York took full advantage in a 30-10 win.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: In what will almost certainly be his final game as a Jet, Fitzpatrick finished 20-of-30 for 210 yards and two touchdowns. It wasn't an overly impressive start, but considering the season he had, it was good enough to beat a helpless Bills team. The Jets should let Fitz walk. He is a free agent, and dragged this team far enough into the muck.

Darrelle Revis: Finally had his first interception of the year on a deflection that helped set up a Jets field goal. This was likely Revis' final game with the Jets. He is due $15.5 million if he stays wit the team in March. The Jets are almost certain to cut him. His lack of passion for the game, and injuries have taken their toll on this once proud football player.

Bilal Powell: Powell left little doubt that he needs to be seriously considered for the lead back role in 2017. He ran for 122 yards, and finished with over 1100 all purpose yards this year. While, I have my doubts that his 5-10 frame can hold up as an every down back, Powell proved how important he can be to this teams future success.

Todd Bowles: Now for the big news. Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan will be back in 2017. According to the Daily News, Jets owner Woody Johnson told Bowles he is safe a week ago, and the embattled head coach will be back for another year to the chagrin of all Jets fans. While continuity is important, Bowles lost his team this year. The locker room was in total disarray, and the players gave up on the season. That all falls on the head coach and it's unacceptable. Bowles gets another shot, albeit on a short leash.

Christian Hackenberg: To further prove my point of a fractured locker room under Bowles' leadership, a story leaked on Sunday that the coaches think that quarterback Christian Hackenberg stinks. While this might be true (nobody but the Jets have seen him), stuff like this can not get out. That too is an indictment of the head coach.

What's Next? 

Tony Romo: Romo made his first appearance for the Dallas Cowboys this season in their season finale at Philadelphia and played well. He was 3-for-4 with a touchdown pass before former Jet, Mark Sanchez came in and gave the game away to the Eagles. Romo looked sharp. Do the Jets go all in on Romo this off-season, knowing full well he's 36-years-old and brittle? I suggest they pass on the temptation. Romo wants a winner, which the Jets are not. And the last time New York invested in a gunslinger like this, Brett Favre imploded in 2008.

Offensive Coordinator: Chan Gailey is likely going to be one of the assistant coaching casualties on this team. His offense was putrid in 2016, ranked 25th in total offense and 27th in passing offense this year. That is unacceptable. His coaching style is way out of style. It is time for the Jets to come into the 21st Century and get a quarterback guru to run this offense. The Jets should keep taps on Mike McCoy who was fired as head coach of the San Diego Chargers. McCoy was a solid offensive coordinator with the Broncos before becoming a NFL head coach.

2017 Opponents: Home: New England, Miami, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Diego, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Carolina.
Road: New England, Miami, Buffalo, Denver, Oakland, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay.

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