Friday, June 23, 2017

Knicks Don't Trade Porzingis After All

The bizarre times of the New York Knicks continues to be, well, bizarre.

After fielding calls for days leading up to the NBA Draft about forward Kistaps Porzingis, Knicks President Phil Jackson decided not to trade the Knicks All Star, mainly because he was asking for too much. There were rumors that the Knicks were close to a deal with the Phoenix Suns, but nothing came of that deal, because the Knicks wanted Devin Booker and the number 4 overall pick in return.

Jackson even committed the biggest sin of all taking calls from the division rival Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets, but nothing happened either.

So instead the Knicks decided to stand pat on Porzingis, at least for now, and drafted Frenchman Frank Ntilikina with their eighth pick in the draft. Ntilikina is a point-guard by trade, and the Knicks desperately need leadership at the position. While they passed on more well known players like Malik Monk, who went to Charlotte, the Knicks are hopping that Ntilikina turns out to be ... well ... like Porzingis. A guy that the fans didn't want that ends up winning their hearts.

How ironic.

Even with the dust settling on the draft, it doesn't change the fact that Jackson and Porzingis have some serious making up to do. Jackson went on MSG and made no qualms that he was looking to trade the Latvian star, even going as far as to claim that he never had any player not show up to a season-ending exit interview. A claim that is apparently a flat out lie.

As we all know we got here because of Porzingis' refusal to respect the Knicks GM by not showing up for that meeting, and reportedly tweeting out his support of fellow teammate Carmelo Anthony in his own battle with Jackson. There were even rumors that Porzingis wanted to play in Europe over the summer against the Knicks demands.

So while Porzingis isn't going anywhere right now, it doesn't mean that a trade isn't forthcoming. If the Knicks and Porzingis can't find common ground anytime soon, it will only make the fractured relationship beyond repair (if it isn't there already).

Where's James Dolan in all this? Well, he was singing the 'Blues' , literary, in New York with his band JD and the Straight Shot during the draft. Guess, unless a former player is throwing F-bombs his way, Dolan could care less ...

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